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Imagine a day when you would walk down a street and you see this poster. It is really hugh. What is the first thing that comes in your mind?Maybe you stop walking and start analysing it by giving the picture a serious meaning.

Another possibility could be that you are shocked, because of the contrasts you see or you would ignore it. Every single reaction is intended because this is not an advertisement you should forget. This is a scream of an advertisment! You should be shocked!

On the left side you see a really nice world. Everything is beautiful and safe. No danger, no garbage. „Our“ environment is the nature and it is clean. The smooth light makes everything perfect.

If you look more closer you can see that the iris is our planet. Blue and nice – without any trash.

It is the world that we imagine, the world in which we would want to be. It is our imagination. Everything we want is perfection.

But on the right side nothing is perfect. The background is filled with garbage-bags and trash-mountains. There is an excavator that is piling up the rubbish to a mountain chain. In the middle is the face of the same girl as on the left side. But it is ugly. The skin is not perfect. There are shadows. The eyebrow is a hose, the lashes are empty bottles of beer and there is a tear. A tear of blood. The iris is a polluted earth. The skin on the cheek is destroyed and you can see a scar. A pretty large scar. You can see also that the mouth is taped.

In the front there are garbage-bags and a hand holding money. The Arm is wearing a suit and on the wrist you can read the words „sacrifice=perpetrator“. All that shows the reality. Mountains of trash because it is much cheaper to throw broken things away than to fix them. We want everything to be pretty, want everything to be perfect. But nothing is pretty we do. There are a lot of mistakes and we are not perfect at all. The mask we have worn is destroyed and under this mask of imagination and perfection are scars. Scars we infliced on ourselfs. We are crying tears of blood, but we claim perfection and ignore everything what hurts us. We taped our mouth because we do not want to say anything. Being perfect means to be satisfied. Another reason for the taped mouth is that nobody hears our screaming and shouting.

Everything we want is money. Money is the sexy girl who says ,,Hm, you are awesome!“ and the guy who says ,,Hey, you are really cool.“ Capitalism is great! It makes us pretty. It fills our dreams and wishes. But money is the reason why we are ignoring our environment. We are ignoring the mountains of rubbish which are growing around us. But that is our fault because we sacrify ourselves to be perfect. So we are victims and perpetrators at the same time.

The Slogan: „OUR EARTH IS NOT PRETTY ENOUGH!“ is sarcasm.

We need something that makes us waking up and do something. We should watch at ouselves how we ascend the scaffolds. Yes, we are the sacrifice but who is the perpetrator?


Roxana Klug, Laura Kreter, 12eng21, 30.09.2014




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